High-passion products for high-perfromance buildings

 “As a U.S. architect involved in global sustainable design for more than 30 years, I'm passionate about creating beautiful, ultimately energy efficient buildings. To bring my visions to life, I've had to seek out the highest-performing products from around the world.

My partner Klaus Müller and his team in Germany link us to the ultimate quality European made products. I found Klaus in 2004 while searching in Germany for an expert to build the windows and doors for my design of the first certified Passive House in North America – das BioHaus at Concordia Colleges Language Villages. After building the BioHaus, Klaus and I knew we had to share this exciting new window and door technology with U.S. customers. We knew that you too would love this amazing experience of designing with, building with and living in the highest level of comfort, beauty and performance in the world.

Soon after, we achieved another notable first when we designed a double hung lookalike window for a Brooklyn brownstone in a landmark designated area of New York City. Our 'Brooklyn' window seamlessly integrated top-of-the-line European engineering into a historical preservation project, proving that our windows can work with any architectural aesthetic.

My family wanted to be involved in the mission to bring the world's best windows and doors to North America. Here in North America my son Robert leads sales and marketing and my son Seth serves as our technical expert, handling installation as the leader of the Tanner Construction team.

We believe there can be no compromise between aesthetics and performance, so our windows and doors are as intelligently crafted as they are beautiful, inside and out. That's why I've helped bring this extraordinary vision to North America and why I'm excited to share the possibilities of Tanner Windows and Doors with you for your next projects.
With my commitment to beautiful, comfortable, and uncompromisingly sustainable design, I will help you create your finest–with Tanner Windows and Doors.”

Stephan Tanner

Stephan Tanner, AIA

Principal, Tanner Windows and Doors